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An Entourage Movie WILL Happen!

We have been waiting for quite some time. Rumors have been circulating, but no definite answer has been given… until recently.

Doug Ellin is the creator, exectuive producer, head writer and small time actor in the 8 season series. Don’t know who he is? He’s the director that Johnny Drama runs into a few times..

His Twitter account was created on August 17th 2012 and tweets about writing the script for the movie. No date has been provided, but it seems very promising. 

Now; so many fake Entourage Accounts have been created, claiming dates, rumors and possible story lines so I see the skepticism that this could also be fake. HOWEVER: is this enough proof?



He is followed by Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), Adrian Grenier (Vinnie) and Jeremy Piven (Ari)..

I await the day that the movie is announced. I’ll be first in line for sure.

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